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The plant-based food dessert industry is powerful, but it should also be responsible. Here at Guiltless, we recognize just how critical this is. While there are a lot of vegan desserts on the market, almost all of them are very high in fat, sugar and fillers. This tends to be more common in vegan desserts because people often use excess amounts of nut butters, nuts, oils, sugary fruits and syrups to make up for the missing ingredients while appearing “healthier.” But we wanted a dessert that was lighter, cleaner, and totally plant-based without all the extra nonsense.

Better for your body, better for the planet.

Why certain ingredients?

Here at Guiltless By Shayne, we’re super picky about what we use in our desserts for a reason. We’re all about bringing you the lightest, cleanest indulgences so you can feel good 100% of the time about what you’re putting into your body. So we only use minimal and plant-based ingredients to make this possible! You’ll never see eggs, dairy, fiber fillers, oils, excess sugar or highly processed flours in our desserts.

Why apple sauce?

For plant-based desserts, unsweetened apple sauce is an excellent alternative to eggs and dairy because it creates a similar outcome. Plus, it’s a great way to add some extra sweetness and texture without using oils and excess sugar. Oh, and it’s made 100% from apples… that’s as plant-based as it gets.

Why don’t you use coconut oil?

While many “healthier” baked goods contain coconut oil, we choose not to add oils to our products. Coconut oil is an excellent source of healthier fat, but it’s very high in saturated fat as well. For heart disease patients and overall heart health, we wanted to be conscious of those limiting their fat and saturated fat intake.

Why oat flour?

Oat flour is an excellent alternative to many other gluten-free flours because it’s naturally high in fiber and low in fat. Other gluten free flours such as cassava or tapioca flour lack nutrients, are high in carbs, and spike blood sugar. (No thank you!)

Why low-carb desserts?

By definition, a dessert is a sweet indulgence made using sugar.

Unfortunately, with high amounts of sugar you’re not only getting added calories, but very high amounts of carbohydrates which cause blood sugar spikes and a rapid release of insulin. For people suffering from diabetes or trying to lose weight, this is the very thing that ends up working against them. So we thought, "what about a dessert that tastes like heaven, and doesn’t cause this to happen? How about making the dessert low-carb, so that no matter what your health concern is, you can continue to enjoy the treats you’ve given up?"

Why plant-based?

It’s simple. Plant-based for your heart and for the planet.

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. This is mostly to do with the fact that the Western diet is filled with sugar, oils and animal products. Extensive research has shown the benefits of plant-based diets in not only overall health, but it’s effectiveness in preventing heart disease. When you eat a diet that is vegan, you’re eating nutrient-dense plant foods which have a long term positive effect on your body. Animal products and eggs, on the other hand, are packed with cholesterol and saturated fat, which cause plaque buildup in the arteries, which could eventually lead to heart disease. When you’re plant-based, you’re getting antioxidants and vitamins, fighting inflammation, and caring for your body in the utmost way.

Not only is a plant-based diet healthier for YOU, it’s healthier for the place you LIVE!

Recent studies have found that a switch to plant-based diets is critical to avoid the extreme progression of climate change. Going vegan would actually reduce our carbon footprint by 73%! There is lots of literature and information that covers this area. If you’re interested in learning more about how our diets affect climate change, take a look at the special report commissioned from the U.N. here.

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