Hi! I’m Shayne.

I’m a soon to be board-certified nutritionist with a life-long sweet tooth and passion for healthier, plant-based cooking.

I grew up with an early awareness of the harms in the food industry, so for most of my life I’ve learned to tweak my favorite recipes to fit my lifestyle.
Fast forward to my 20’s, I began a modeling career and found myself unable to devour the nut butter and maple syrup-filled plant-based desserts I usually would. (Delicious, but high in calories and sugar!) I soon found myself scouring the health food store aisles for crave-worthy, lighter desserts and realized that the “healthier” vegan desserts weren’t healthy at all.

To my dismay, the perfect vegan dessert did not exist. With the belief that no one should have to sacrifice their own health values for high sugar, added oils and nonsense, I decided to take the plant-based snack industry into my own hands. Fast forward a year and a pandemic later, I finally crafted the perfect dessert to satisfy my sweet tooth and nutrition needs.

From one dessert lover to another, I’m happy to introduce a dessert company so healthy, the term “treat” doesn’t even apply.

We’re officially losing the sugar, dairy, oils and nonsense for damn good indulgences. Welcome to my guiltless world, we’re happy to have you.

Double Chocolate • Classic Carrot • Birthday Cake

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