Seriously Planet Friendly

Planet Friendly Shipping Materials

We’ve decided to take this issue into our own hands and use 100% biodegradable shipping materials made from Non-GMO corn starch. We’re super stoked about this, as it’s the ONLY biodegradable material on the market. (Geek out moment, we love this.) Not only is it BPI certified for composability, but it actually has better thermal performance than standard synthetic materials. So… win for you, win for the planet.

How It Works

Disposable options that go beyond recycling! Cut open the Green Cell Plus (GC+) and pull out the foam panels. Recycle the film. Once the foam and film are separated, you’re able to dispose of GCF as you choose!

Water It

Submerge the foam panels in water and watch is disappear safely in under 60 seconds. It even decomposes in seawater!

Compost It

Safe for your yard or commercial compost facilities, this foam will compost in 60 days or less!

Burn It

Save pieces for your backyard barbeque, fireplace, or outdoor fire put and start your fire quickly and easily with Green Cell Foam

Plant It

When growing your flowers or garden, add pieces of the foam to a pitches of water and use it as a natural plant food.

Green Cell Foam - plant friendly packaging from Guiltless by Shayne

For more information visit:  Easy, Eco Disposal - GREEN CELL FOAM 


Planet Friendly Packaging

Our packaging filled with your delectable cupcakes is made from 100% recycled plastic. YES. This means zero extra waste was produced just so you could enjoy the healthiest cupcake to come to market. Priorities, right?


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