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Your Dream Cupcake

With 3 delicious flavors, Guiltless by Shayne lets you indulge in a plant-based dessert. Try Classic Carrot, double chocolate, or birthday cake.

The whenever you want, no guilt necessary, cupcakes. All of the plants, none of the nonsense.

Double Chocolate • Classic Carrot • Birthday Cake


Your new obsession, delivered to your door.

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These babies come frozen, so you don't have to commit to eating an entire batch (it wouldn't matter anyway). Perfect for on-the-go, breakfast, a WFH snack, or just because.

Rethink dessert with these guiltless plant-based vegan cupcakes by Shayne Hindes

Reimagining the cupcake

  • When Shayne told me these cupcakes were 50 calories, vegan AND gluten-free, I almost didn’t believe her. Her cupcakes will change the future of vegan sweets.

  • It’s really like a cupcake just dedicated to adults. Everything a grown a** professional woman like me wants to see in a dessert.

  • I’m not a health person really, but these cupcakes make me want to consider being one.

  • Um I don’t get how I can eat a mini cupcake with frosting (FROSTING?!) and have it be vegan and 50 calories. I just don’t. Someone tell me.

  • Next level.

  • The first cupcake I can have 3 of and not feel “bad” about eating. The chocolate is out of this world.

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